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Harley-Davidson® Goldusa 2-in-1 X07 Helmet 98190-20EX

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Designed with removable features, the Goldusa 2-in-1 X07 Helmet gives you control of style and comfort. Mix up your look by removing the venting face mask depending on your mood and what you crave for coverage on ride day. However you decide to sport this motorcycle helmet, count on staying connected thanks to compatibility with the BOOM™ Audio 20S Bluetooth™ Helmet Headset. Gold skull graphics riff on the Greek mythological creature of Medusa and her snarl of venomous snake hair.

• Average Weight: 1,280 grams.
• Helmet Construction: Fiberglass shell. Micro-lock buckle retention system.
• Stay Cool: Front vents on top of helmet and breathing perforations on face mask.
• Interior & Linings: Moisture-wicking antimicrobial liner is removable and washable. Compatible with BOOM™ Audio 20S Bluetooth™ Helmet Headset.
• Ride Enhancing Features: Unique 3/4 helmet can be worn two ways for added comfort. For full comfort, add the optional face mask. Or to wear as a 3/4 helmet, remove the face mask. Retractable sun shield features 95% UV protection, anti-fog coating, and anti-scratch coating. Helmet bag included.
• Manufacturer & Certification: Scorpion. 3/4 shell meets ECE 22-05 requirements. Additional components are for comfort only and do not provide any safety features.

Product code: 98190-20EX

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